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Sigh, Bordem

2008-04-07 11:07:46 by Jonah-The-Tiger

Bored =/


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2008-04-20 20:12:28

Don't worry, only one more week till GTAIV comes out, you'll never be bored again! =)
(...that is if you own a PS3 or 360 that is?) =/


2008-05-01 09:38:57

Wow NG safety patrol, I haven't seen one of those in a Long time! You might be the only one left? =0

still bored? =)

Jonah-The-Tiger responds:

He he Really ?
Nah im not so bored atm
got alot of school work to keep me occupied so bored, but its a dfferent bored
if that makes sense

How are you ?