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I Aboslutley Hate...

2008-05-04 19:07:04 by Jonah-The-Tiger

Annoying people who leave Dumb, shit, useless Comments on Peoples Posts and Submissions.
I'm sure I'm not the only one.

If Your not sure what i mean i mean things like "Ut Sucked" (one i received yesterday regarding one of my submissions)

it may just seem like I'm being all Whiny because someone does not like my Flash, but thats not what I'm saying. i just hate the way Stupid people who most the time Have literally contributed nothing to the site, not uploaded an Avatar, picture or anything can have the Right to just go and leave lame comments like that. (I'm not saying everyone who hasn't submitted is like this btw) It Just really annoys me.

i know im not a great Flash Programmer and i know im not exactly the most amazing artist either, but i MAKE AN EFFORT

I know not every one has Flash so Actually Cant Make any Movies Or Games But thats no excuse!

for example, despite the rubbish Flash and Lame Posts like this one, i made an effort with a header to make my profiley thing look better! also notice how i have a Photo up, yes its of me, But that doesn't mean yours has to be, Have a frigging picture of a cat on a hang glider for all i care, Just Actually Do something To look like you care and aren't just some great big ass hole unjustly Insulting peoples work which most the time they've put a lot of time into
But, if you cant manage that then why not go away to some other website where you wont be bothering us with your Awful lack of manners and common sense

*Sigh* glad i got that off my Chest