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Entry #5

General comment box type thing

2008-05-14 11:55:26 by Jonah-The-Tiger

Any comments put them here...


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2008-05-14 12:58:13

wuzzles fucking sucks, I will kill him in his sleep.

Jonah-The-Tiger responds:

huh ??


2008-05-21 14:07:32

Hey dude, lets both get GTAIV at the same time!
Then none of us will have to face the boredom of Newgrounds again! =)

Jonah-The-Tiger responds:

Sounds like a plan =]
Except i just spent all my money on a new camera for college
so gunna be a while till i got money :/
it was £400 btw


2008-07-04 12:01:17

Wait doesn't nobosy come here anymore?
Dude that sucks, Im-a gonna have to get the word out about you it seems! =P

Jonah-The-Tiger responds:

Aha nahh corse not =]
but im working very (very) slowly on some new stuff
so ill eventually have a bit more up and start generating a bit more interest
itll just take a while. im not really using NG too much atm, concentrating more on DeviantART

Thanks though ^^


2011-06-15 22:02:56

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